Health First Wellness Centre
I first saw Cam 3 years ago. I had a life threatening illness and extreme adrenal fatigue. I am now experiencing optimum health.

Cam has facilitated this major health improvement in the following ways:

  • a holistic approach individually tailored to my personality so I could have optimum health for me.

  • Use of up to date ‘best practice’ diagnostic tests, processes and therapies

  • High quality supplements individually prepared for my needs

  • Flexible approach with booking appointments and obtaining supplements with many options of times and locations to suit patient / client needs

  • Health fund rebates available

  • Non judgmental caring approach

  • Excellent value

I can highly recommend Cam. I see him much less frequently now on an ongoing basis for maintenance of my good health.

I have referred two other people to Cam who are now also experiencing optimum health and a new zest for life.

Thank you


Have been attending Health First Wellness Centre for over 4 years and have found the service provided by the naturopath Cameron Mack to be outstanding, professional and focused on the individual’s needs, no matter how large or how small the problem may be. His commitment and dedication to his clients is second to none as is his deep knowledge and experience about what makes our bodies work. I have total trust and faith in Cameron and know that he has helped me with weight loss as well as other women’s issues. I have referred many clients to him confidently and all have had the same positive health experience with Cameron.
Health First Wellness Centre
I met Cameron Mack through my wife when she had received a cancer scare from her doctor. She had been seeing Cameron before this news and wanted to let him know, and also for his help/advice going forward. I was extremely impressed by his attitude that the doctors and their team were the people we needed to listen to and he would work with them rather than saying "ignore them, I can help". For my own circumstance he was straight and honest on what could be done as long as I was ready to do the work. I was impressed with his overall knowledge and explanation of what my problem was and the solutions, which my doctor was never able to do.
Health First Wellness Centre
I saw Cameron and feel like I'm finally on the right track to achieve optimum health. Wonderful service and you feel very welcome and comfortable the moment you walk in the door. Highly recommend this business! Thank you.
Health First Wellness Centre
I was extremely happy and will definitely be a regular there. The staff were helpful above and beyond what I expected they were friendly knowledgeable and not pushy. I felt comfortable and I never felt like I was just a number. I highly recommend it there for anyone!!
Health First Wellness Centre
Found Cameron to be very professional. He did some simple tests and explained everything really well.
Health First Wellness Centre
Both my daughter and I are impressed with the service and knowledge by Naturopath Cameron Mack. Looking forward to working with them to better our health.
Health First Wellness Centre
Hi, I saw Cameron Mack at Health First as I was stuggling with stress and anxiety. Cameron was able to pin point some hormonal inbalances, which lead to the proper treatment. I feel so much better.